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Background & Objectives: Marked variability exists in the human response to any of a number of interventions. Blood pressure medication, for example. Rein orchids grow in a ditch. We tested a hypothesis.
Methods: Healthy volunteers were randomly assigned to either visualize a wild horse or hyperventilate in the dark. Everything was measured. We followed people for as long as we could. 
Results: Data were complete on a total of two participants. One describes how surprised he is by the size of the men in his bed. Massive, like seeing a cow in person. One reports having so many things she wants to say to me. She is sitting outside and it’s cold. There’s ash falling. A fire plume has just reached the edge of her trees. Two mockingbirds are fighting with a crow in front of her house. The sun behind the trees colors everything vibrant straw. It makes the smoke look orange. California, you know? 
Conclusions: Many of us are injured. We panic the first time we bleed. Love has its color. Pink is also a verb.

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