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turn the lights down low / for the lord has multiplied my love / i have waited in secret and silence, in dark places / in the city’s thighs, and he has not shown / this is the point of quiet exclamation / he is not addiction / he is not brutality / not the semiautomatic, not the tak tak tak tak of joy or resistance / not Elysium, not elision / he is not the limelight / not the announcing volcano / he is not a sort of sword or funnel / he is not the glad loin or gladiolus / he is not the gold lion in the den / i have waited for him with head cocked / dribbled into his cup and pyx / he is not the place to begin / you might be / your body whispers between mine and the most high’s / i forget the unholy god whose name is excellent / by you i have known the beauty of the blaspheme / you give meaning, my conceit /


                                                        you are all       deliverance      tip      speech

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